Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Not-So-Grim Reaper

Whenever I'm gardening I'm always conscious of the wise teachings of that great philosopher, Neil the Hippy. Not just things like oh wow, heavy heavy heavy and you hate me don't you? but more we sow the seed, nature grows the seed, then we eat the seed.

Readers following my amateur gardening in 2009 would have seen that whilst sowing was undertaken with relish and childlike enthusiasm, nature tended to be less forthcoming on the growing bit. Whilst there was no famine, our feast was more Lilliputian than hoped. Perhaps this was penance for only taking up gardening based on drunken spite towards Jamie Oliver for pretending that he actually tends his own garden on Jamie at Home.

This year we seem to be reaping the rewards of the toil establishing the patch back at the start of summer, and from getting up ridiculously early on allocated watering days desperately trying to keep everything alive. The photos I posted in January contained nothing to suggest the magic that a Melbourne February was to deliver, especially not everything doubling in size in just four weeks.

Anyway, for those interested parties here are some pleasant summer garden photos to make you hungry and also maybe show you that literally any muppet can grown their own veggies.

the first of a thousand zucchinis...

a comically perfect beetroot, ready for illustration by Beatrix Potter

perhaps the most delicious corn I've ever tasted, still in it's hula skirt

some carrots... not as tasty as the corn but size wise greatly improved on last year (see embarrassing photographic evidence here)

vegie platter madame? eat your heart out Oliver...

Of course everyone loves gardening in early autumn because it's the one time when the garden gives back more than it takes. In the interests of balance I'll continue to provide updates through the year. We'll see how smug I am in the depths of winter... still for now I am the Lord of the Veg.

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