Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Pedals and Pumps

How many people need to do something before it becomes a trend? If you’ll accept two as an answer then please permit me to be the first to announce the latest celebrity trend: people who I like circumnavigating the British Isles under their own steam.

Yes, hot on the (kitten) heels of Eddie Izzard’s still frankly astonishing 43 marathons in 52 days
for Sports Relief, Paul Heaton is undertaking a UK tour with a difference; on his bicycle. True to form, the former Beautiful South-er and Housemartin is performing each gig in a different pub where he and his small crew will stay for the night. They will then cycle on to the next gig whilst their equipment goes ahead.

Says Heaton: “I’m looking forward to pedalling around the country to promote cycling and the British pub. Both are very close to my heart. I’ve been cycling all my life and the British pub has provided most of my favourite stop-off points. It saddens me to hear about so many British pubs closing on a weekly basis so I want to do all I can to get people back to their local.

Dates are still to be announced but details of the Pedals and Pumps tour will be posted on Paul’s just-launched website at

Meanwhile in other Housemartins-related news, I’ve only just become aware of this special
Subbuteo Edition of London 0 Hull 4. As well as last year’s Deluxe Edition of their debut album the package contains four badges, a 12" x 18" poster and a six inch replica Subbuteo figure in Hull City colours. The downside is they cost 40 quid plus postage and packing. But hey, there are only 1000 in the world … mmmm, limited edition tat I’ve already got and won’t listen to… limited edition… must … have…one…

Anyway, let’s see how far this new trend extends. Look out for Beth Orton going coast to coast on a pogo stick, Daniel Kitson and Vic Reeves racing go-karts between Britain’s finest pie-shops, Gruff Rhys touring National Trust heritage homes on a large goat and Bill Drummond driving around the M25 for 25 hours straight. Oh wait… he already did that

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