Tuesday, 17 March 2009

From tiny seeds – tiny things grow…

I’ve been tending to my veggie pots for three months now and despite drought and temperatures of up to 46 degrees things have gone quite well. I’ve loved pottering around in the garden with the radio on and am confident that one day I will make an excellent pensioner.

With this being my first attempt at growing things I’ve been a little bit sentimental about it all, treating each seed and seedling with love and admiration that they managed to grow at all. I clearly let my emotions get the better of me. Just about every packet of seeds tells you to thin to the strongest two or three seedlings, the idea being that there won’t be room for everyone to grow. This is like asking which of your children you’d like to send to Michael Jackson’s house for a holiday.

The consequence of my inability to be ruthless has been the world’s tiniest vegetables, displayed below for you as a warning. All were perfectly edible and quite delicious; just not very plate-filling.

Like all second-time parents I’ve been far less precious about my next offspring and have already started ruthlessly plucking out the stragglers from my new autumn sowings. The result might not be as cute but it might fill my belly a bit better.

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kate said...

these are the cutest vegetables ever! way too cute to eat anyway