Saturday, 4 July 2009

Robot Wars Update

Some of you will be aware that there is a war going on in these here streets of Melbourne between dark forces of destructive technology and the lovely lambs-frolicking-gaily-in-fields-and-supping-nectar-from-buttercups world of nature. Evil robots have infiltrated our homes and streets disguised as everyday items and are poised ready to attack mankind upon command from some higher and as yet unidentified source. Mint Custard continues to risk life and limb to report to you from the frontline of this bitter battle so that you might have a chance of escape if confronted by one of these devious technological demons. Forget Transformers - this is the real shit baby. First the good news...

Beady-eyed fiend in Melbourne CBD (as identified in April) is taken out - presumably by doe-eyed rabbits armed with plastic tape

Robot posing as snake is captured on St Kilda promenade and left in the stockades

Several robots combine to pass themselves off as a game of Mousetrap but are caught before they are able to infiltrate a child's christmas stocking.

And yet for every capture there is another sighting. These sly little buggers are still out there...

Tiny spy robot mimics nature crocodile-stylee on the bonnet of our car

Ahoy hoy - watch out for this nautical four-eyed uniped stalking tourists on St Kilda pier

Cyclops poses as small child outside Luna Park

If you see any more robots in disguise please take pictures and send them on so we can warn others. And for everyone else, remember - actual robot attack is relatively rare so please don't have nightmares. After all, most of them can't even climb stairs. Most of them...

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we are watching you!