Monday, 29 June 2009

Raising the Barr

It’s a bit late but I wanted to give a quick mention of the Glenn Barr exhibition Elsewhere that’s been showing throughout June at the Outré Gallery in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.  

Glenn Barr is a Detroit based artist with a gift for capturing the beauty in sleazy down at heel situations and recreating them in paint. His characters inhabit late night bars, piano joints, cheap motel rooms and dimly lit bordellos – usually with a bottle or two hidden somewhere in shot. When he’s not capturing the highs of low life he’s creating scenes from the blurry edge of reality where demon bats fill the sky and sixties ingénues ride improbable fairground rides high into the air. Barr also previously worked on the Ren and Stimpy Show as well as the similarly themed video for I Miss You by Bjork. 

Elsewhere is running until 12 July but it’s always worth stepping inside Outré’s doors for half an hour. There are some truly wonderful and original pieces in there including work by Keith Weesner, Shag, Mark Ryden, Derek Yaniger and Kozyndan amongst many others including lots of Melbourne and Australian artists. You can pick up framed signed prints for as little as $100 and the people always nice and chatty… Visit their website here for details of their Melbourne and Sydney galleries. 


All pictures by Glenn Barr and reproduced from the Outré Gallery website. Click here for Glenn Barr’s own website. 

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