Monday, 27 July 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion

If you’re in the Melbourne area and at a loose end this Wednesday night (29th) you might like to venture over to the Forum on the corner of Russell and Flinders Streets. The venue has been turned into the Festival Lounge as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival where people can have a break from sitting down and watching movies. It’s also open to non-movie goers who just fancy a drink and a night out.

Clearly desperate, the MIFF team has invited a friend and me to provide some tasteful musical entertainment to the film-loving punters. Ever eager to humiliate ourselves in public we’ve said yes and under the noms de guerre of Total Fah and Ken Mexico will be wearing black and pretending to be classier than we are. The night is free and the Forum is always nice so if you fancy watching a couple of idiots pressing play buttons on CD players and trying not to leave noticeable gaps between songs then this is your chance. We’re on from 8.30 til midnight.

Alternatively you might want to put the kettle on, get your slippers out and watch the telly. That said I’ve had a look at the TV guide and there’s not much on apart from the Chaser mob, and I think we all know that their shark has been jumped…

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