Monday, 20 April 2009

Never Trust Robots

In 2006 a wise and brave man called Andrew Johnson risked his life to expose the phenomenon of an evil robot invasion on Earth through the medium of song. He also made this short film, presumably so that deaf people would also be alerted to the threat. Andrew's advice was simple and clear - never trust robots. Even the cute ones.

People of the Southern hemisphere, I bring terrible news. The invasion we were warned about by Mr Johnson has reached our shores. Innocent people are going about their business: buying chips, eating chips, thinking about chips, and all the while little robot eyes are trained on us, plotting their next move. Like how to get our chips.

Whilst I lack the medium of song, dance and video with which to fight the robot menace, I do have a shitty camera on my phone, and whilst I have memory on my card I will document their invasion of our land so that you might know their faces and be alerted. Comrades - remember, some are cute, some are in disguise, but all of them are after your chips. Possibly. Never trust robots.

Christmas disguise, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

One Eyed Jack, Wellington, New Zealand

Apartment Stalker, Prahran

Brilliant camouflaged but the cheesy grin gives him away, Melbourne City

Dusty, possibly deactivated (or out of batteries): Fairfield

Johnny Five is Alive, North Fitzroy

The Hideous Face of Technology Gone Evil, Sydney Big Day Out

If you see robots in our streets and would like to join the good fight of man versus machine, please don't hesitate to send in your pictures. Together we can make a difference.

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