Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tales from the Compost Bin

True tales from the Mint Custard compost bin...

Greg: So the waiter says "Hanz that does dishes is as soft as Gervais, about the mild green hairy lip squid." Ha ha ha!
Peg: He he he! Classic!
Spud: Eh...?

Greg: anyway, so the waiter turns to him and says "Hanz that does the dishes is as soft as Gervais for the mild green hairy lip squid!"
Avon: Ha ha ha! That's freakin' awesome!
Peg: Classic. Just classic
Spud: Erm...

Peg: her mum says to her
"you can't marry him, he's a common-tator!"
Spud: Hihihhihihihihi! Hihihihihihi! Hihihhihihihihi!!!
Avon: Freakin' awesome...
Greg: Classic...

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