Friday, 1 October 2010

Pimp My Ride to Work Day

Next Wednesday 13th October is national Ride to Work Day in Australia. As good an idea as this seems, in reality it means that those people who do actually ride to work will just find themselves sharing their journey with unco people in bad clothes who haven't actually ridden a bike in years. Expect crashes and some foul mouthed exchanges about cycle lane etiquette between the lycra-clad peletonistas and Geoff from accounts.

For those of you taking part on Wednesday but looking for some extra thrills on your journey, why not try these variations on Ride to Work day....
  • Guide to Work Day – for people who need help remembering where their place of employment
  • Fried to Work Day – for people riding their bikes in hot climates with no shirts or sunblock
  • Cried to Work Day – for those who don’t want to go to work
  • Died to Work Day – I told you I didn't want to go to work
  • Bride to Work Day- in which we see how difficult it is to ride a bike in a big white taffeta dress
  • Tried to Work Day- ‘well at least I tried…’
  • Tie-Dyed to Work Day – hippies on bikes
  • Slide to Work day – Wheeeeee! Wheeeeeeeeeee! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh. I’m at work…
  • Hide to Work Day – invisible people on invisible bikes
  • Ride to Ride to Work Day - in which cyclists listen to Oxford-based early 90s shoegazer bands as they (ahem) ride
  • Lied to Work Day – for those who “would have done ride to work day but my bike had a flat tyre, what a shame, would you believe it etc”
  • Mide to Work Day – when South Africans are forced to do things
  • Tide to Work Day - for people who'd rather surf to work
  • Pide to Work Day – bring a loaf of Turkish bread to work
Apologies in advance to anyone who I take out on my bike on the day. That means you Geoff.

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