Friday, 17 April 2009

Mad Men as Muse

Mad Men finally got a showing on terrestrial TV in Australia last night and I’ve been doing my bit to spread the word at work. It unearthed a few closet fans, including one lovely person who sent me a link to these incredible Mad Men homages by Ms Dyna Moe at Nobody’s Sweetheart. She's done a new design based on each episode of the two series so far, which is above and beyond the call of any muse. And they're all ace. I think I want them all.

All images copyright Ms Dyna Moe and can be purchased from Dyna herself here.


D. Moe said...

Thanks very much for the kind words.

One correction, people looking to buy prints should go here:

Mint Custard said...

Correction corrected! Congrats again on the work - really great stuff

all the best, MC