Friday, 17 April 2009

Daniel Kitson, 3RRR Performance Space

I fully intended to attempt to write some kind of a review of Daniel Kitson’s current outpourings, currently to be heard in person daily at the 3RRR Performance Space throughout April. Having actually seen his show, I now realise that any words I might try to weld, beat, solder or stick together using flour and water paste would be utterly useless for describing what actually happened.

Without being so bold as to assume that anyone cares what I think, let me assure you that divorced from the delivery of Daniel himself, any attempt to explain the stories and events relayed last night would just end up achieving the opposite of my aim which is to make as many people go and see Daniel Kitson as possible.

With this in mind, I’ll limit my own thoughts to the following:

· Daniel, the joke about splitting the atom with your knob was indeed funnier than belied by the audience reaction. I nearly fell off my chair, unaided.

· Stories about poo always make me laugh. Especially when the word ‘poo’ is used.

· More people should go and see Daniel Kitson. He’s very, very funny.

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