Tuesday, 1 June 2010

East Yorkshire (Slight Return)

It’s the first day of winter here in Melbourne and there must be something in the air because I’m down with a bad case of the fed-ups. I’d therefore like to extend my enormous mittened hand of gratitude to the good folks at the Suitable Mouth, home of all things Housemartins, Beautiful South and Paul Heaton for warming my insides with the news that Paul has been playing Housemartins songs on his peddle-powered jaunt around the UK.

No I won't play any bloody Housemartins... oh go on then

It may not be the Housemartins reunion that five people a day land on these pages looking for but I hope that these performances of Flag Day and Build from his gig in the East Yorkshire rock and roll hamlet of Hutton Cranswick give you similar tingles to the ones I had. As far as I can figure out it must be 22 years since these songs were last played live… they still sound ace.

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