Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More Kit and Caboodle

In a tradition that is becoming as much a part of Australian summer as flies in your salad and Ricky Ponting getting out for a duck (thanks for that by the way Ricky), Mr Daniel Kitson has just announced some more shows down under in 2010.

Already in Melbourne town to perform 66a Church Road – a Lament Made of Memories and Kept in Suitcases at the Arts Centre throughout January, Daniel has announced a short run of work-in-progress late night shows from the 18th to the 23rd January at
the BlackBox just next to the Yarra.

Says the man himself “I, Daniel Kitson (32, balding and a surprisingly competent swimmer) invite you to the BlackBox at 10pm for larks, japes and work in progress towards one or more shows that don't yet exist. I'll be talking, reading stuff out, maybe playing some music (pre-recorded), there could be one or more guests who will talk or read or play music (live). There might be some stuff on film. And it will all be done by midnight. Lovely.

Picture reproduced with thanks to the Arts Centre website.

Whilst admittedly more random, his similar work-in-progress shows at the 3RRR Performance Space last year were just as good as the higher profile October gigs at the Athenaeum, and for a mere $20 of your Australian dollars you might as well really because there’ll be nothing on the telly. Capacity is only 150 people so it’s sure to be nice and cosy too.

Tickets for the BlackBox can be purchased from the Arts Centre website here. Limited tickets for 66a Church Road are still available here. For more Kitson-themed Mint Custardry, click here.

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