Monday, 4 January 2010

Have You Had Your Tea Dave?

Some proof that life can still give fiction a run for its money... Mrs Custard and I settled down to watch the Royle Family Christmas special with my Grandma who is here on holiday to escape the Yorkshire cold. With her attention seemingly not 100% focussed on the onscreen shenanigans, the following conversation slowly unfolded (note - please leave 5 second pauses between each sentence for a real time effect).

Grandma: What cheese was in those burgers we had for dinner?
Mrs C: Some fetta cheese, fried up
Grandma: Ooh, you can’t get feta cheese where I live
Mrs C: Really? They have it in most supermarkets.
Grandma: Do they?
Mrs C: Yeah. You can get it at Aldi here…
Grandma: Oh well they don’t sell it at ours
Mrs C: Are you sure?
Grandma: Actually I don’t know for sure. I’ve never looked…

I thought it was nice of Grandma to unwittingly fill the Nanna-shaped hole that has been in the Royle Family in recent episodes. If Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash would like to borrow her for future episodes she’s available for two cups of tea and a vanilla slice (her fee, not mine).

The DVD of the Royle Family: the New Sofa is available

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