Sunday, 24 May 2009

No Sleep 'til Bedtime

Sunday night in Australia and it's the last night of the English Premier League for this season. Kick-offs start across England at 1am Melbourne time. Technically there are four teams fighting to avoid two relegation places, but with Middlesbrough hoping that Manchester United put a few balls in the Hull City goal and needing to win away at West Ham they are all but gone already.

Corus plant in Redcar, east of Middlesbrough (Getty Images / Guardian)

The maths are pretty simple for Sunderland. Assuming we lose (we're playing Chelsea, so let's just keep on with that assumption) then Hull City need to beat newly crowned champions Man Utd and Newcastle need to beat Aston Villa before we go down. It sounds implausible but then we are used to such misery. Newcastle need to better any result that Hull get.

In my gut I have a feeling that we'll all lose; the table will stay the same and Newcastle will go down with Boro and West Bromich Albion. In my battle-scarred and paranoid head I know better than to make any predictions. It's going to be a long long night. FTM.

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