Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saucerful of Secrets

This week Centrelinked encouraged listeners to unlock their diaries, share their log in details and enter the 98.9 North West FM confessional booth to share some songs about Secrets. This was the soundtrack to their unloading:

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret - Queens of the Stone Age
No Secrets - The Angels
Little Secrets - Passion Pit
Do You Want To Know a Secret - the Beatles
Secret Kiss - The Coral
Secret - Madonna
Confide in Me - Kylie Minogue
Can U Keep a Secret - De La Soul
Secret Agent - Tony Allen
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - John Barry (though with more time this version by the Propellerheads might have made the cut too 
Secret for a Song - Mercury Rev
Secret Love - Doris Day
The Key, The Secret - Urban Cookie Collective

Of course the very best song about secrets is this one from 1973 but sadly we're not allowed to play it on the radio. Feel free to leave any dirty little secrets of your own using the comments below

Centrelinked - Saturday mornings from 10.30am on 98.9 North West FM ( week's theme - Chicken! Feel free to join in using @mintcustard or @northwestfmmelb and #centrelinked. 

1 comment:

Eilis said...

I can't believe you didn't choose
It's No Secret
by Kylie.

Also, you might be interested in taking a sneaky look at if you're interested in hearing other people's secrets. But be careful, it's addictive.