Monday, 16 April 2012

Rise of the Machines

This week Centrelinked picked up one of Mint Custard's biggest fears - the destruction of mankind by robots - and ran with it, albeit with an awkward clanky gait and certainly not up any stairs. 45 minutes of airtime were devoted to automated android propaganda. This is what they played:

Robot Rock - Daft Punk
Robot - Futureheads
Do The Robot - The Saints
Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
Robots (the Humans are Dead) - Flight of the Conchords
We're in Business - Andrew Thompson
Robot Song - Kenickie
One Robot - Rocket Science
Robot Man - the Aliens
I am a Robot - Rhys Muldoon
Astro Boy Theme
The Robots - Kraftwerk

Centrelinked - Saturday mornings from 11am (Melbourne time) on 98.9 North West FM (

Next week's theme - dirty little Secret - Feel free to join in using @mintcustard or @northwestfmmelb and #centrelinked

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