Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beat the Retreat

Those with long memories might remember my interview last year with the lovely Rani Cameron. She's an Australian comedy writer and performer now living in Somerset in the UK who spends much of her spare time writing, directing, producing, filming, editing and performing in her own sitcom.

It's called Retreat and if you haven't heard of it until now that's probably due to it's self-proclaimed status as a zero budget sitcom. Funded completely out of her pocket and the goodwill of the people around her Retreat has been a labour of love for Rani. Fortunately it's also rather funny as you can see from the first episode which has been on You Tube since last August.

Filming finishes on another low-stress episode of Retreat

The good news is that she wasn't deterred by the strain of putting together that first episode and a freshly completed 16 minute second episode is now available online. If you'd like to check it out go to vimeo.com and search for 'Retreat Episode 2' or just do the clicky thing with your mouse here. I laughed after 4 seconds so Rani and her crew must still be doing something right... Congrats to the team, and here's to Part 3 sometime soon.

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God bless you Mint Custard.
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