Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mostly Armless

Happy New Year everyone. I have broken my arm.

Before you ask, yes - it's the one I use. My writing arm. My drinking arm. My tooth brushing arm. My hand-shaking arm. My washing the dishes arm. My going to the toilet arm. My bowling arm. My other shoelace tying arm. My cuddling arm. My typing and texting arm. My driving arm. My painting arm. My opening jars arm. My gardening arm. My remote control arm. My putting on deodorant arm. My Shift Key arm. My shaving arm. My riding my bike safely arm. My sleeping comfortably arm. My not needing painkillers arm.

And before you ask again, no I didn't even get a cast for people to sign. Them's the breaks, I guess.

Still, Happy New Year. See you all soon.


Rani said...

There are a lot of capitals in that post - was someone else on the shift key?

Mint Custard said...

I have trained the dog - he's very advanced for his age. Probably has the abilities of a 14 month old even though he's only 13 months old. Scientists are amazed. YouTube fame beckons etc