Monday, 19 July 2010

Philosophisation across the Nation

Good news for anyone who couldn’t get to Melbourne during the Comedy Festival this year – one of the best acts in this particular town is coming to a venue near you. Possibly. The Bedroom Philosopher’s Songs from the 86 Tram was one of my highlights at this year’s MICF (see my gushing review here) and with an album of the show’s songs now on record store shelves he’s off touring it around Australia.

The Philosopher’s potent blend of comedy and music has nice habit of going viral amongst You-Tubists and you can see why from clips like this one for Northcote (So Hungover)

You enjoy that? Good. I told you so. Now go see him. Gigs and venues are as follows:


  • 12: Jive Bar, Adelaide (SA) 8pm
  • 13: Hotel New York, Launceston (TAS) 8pm
  • 14: Brisbane Hotel, Hobart 3pm all ages and 8pm (TAS)
  • 15: Burnie Arts Theatre (TAS) 3pm
  • 18: ANU Bar, Canberra (ACT)
  • 19: Harpe Hotel, Wollongong (NSW)
  • 20: The Factory, Sydney (all ages) (NSW)
  • 21: The Northern Star, Newcastle (NSW)
  • 22: The Brass Monkey, Cronulla (NSW)
  • 25: Indi Bar, Scarborough (WA)
  • 26: Prince Of Wales, Bunbury (WA)
  • 27: Rocket Room, Northbridge (WA)
  • 28: The Troubadour, Brisbane (QLD)
  • 29: Old Museum, Brisbane (all ages 12:30pm) (QLD)
  • 29: Great Northern, Byron Bay (NSW)


  • 1: Karova Lounge, Ballarat (VIC)
  • 2: National Hotel, Geelong (VIC)
  • 3: The Palais, Hepburn Springs (VIC)
  • 4: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (VIC)
  • 5: Spanish Club, Melbourne (all ages 12:30pm) (VIC)
  • 5: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (VIC)

Tickets for all shows are between $10 and $20 and are available from Support comes from a range of players including Pinky Beecroft and the White Russians, Cookie Baker, the Stoics, Agent Fontaine, the New Saxons, the Boat People, Gilroy and the Cold Shoulders, Stereo Flower, Steve Grady, Go Go Sapien and Stonefield. See the Bedroom Philosopher’s own website for more details on exactly who is playing where and when…

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