Friday, 23 July 2010

Metaphysical Graffiti

For those who've never been Melbourne is quite famous for its street art, with many blog sites, webpages, books and documentaries made about the paint, stencils and paper transfers that cover the city. Graffiti is so accepted as part of Melbourne life that even the government got a bit upset when the council painted over a painted over a Banksy original by mistake.

Tagging aside I'm all for a bit of brightening up the place, especially when it's as lovely and colour-coordinated as this bit of wanton destruction on a North Melbourne train platform.

I like it all the more for the rounded corners of the stickers. Bravo you sweet and tender hooligans...

"It says green for go, for the people in the know...

but for the others all it says is red for stop... ah ah ah..."

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