Tuesday, 23 February 2010

In a Pickle

Scenes of disbelief in our house this week at the frankly astonishing news that after almost ten years looking Mrs Custard finally found someone who sells pickled eggs in Australia. She's been laughed out of more delis and markets than I care to mention for trying to find me something to go with my fish and chips, so it seems appropriate that I publicly recognise her efforts and also provide some clearly much-needed publicity to Elfred's (their apostrophe, not mine) of the Peninsula, the brave souls selling Australia's only pickled egg. I'm pleased to report that they are delicious so if you're in Victoria and want to get hold of some try visiting their website here. If you're in some other egg-free corner of the globe you can try your hand at my recipe here.

Whilst we're on the topic of pickling, a quick mention of Emelia's of Kyneton in Victoria who claim to have created "the World's Greatest Pickled Onion." Whilst their onions are very tasty, with some nice bitey peppercorn and chilli tang, they don't beat my Grandpa's whose pickled onions were strong enough to clear out your ears. Keep going Emelia's; everyone loves a tryer.

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