Friday, 18 December 2009

Harem Scarem

Proof were it required that best place to look for the next big thing in fashion is 20 years ago; this morning I saw a woman in the street wearing MC Hammer pants. Yes, the harem pant is back, let loose on society and being worn by otherwise sensibly-dressed office workers.
Hammer: Prince of Pants

For those of you who are interested, this particular lady accessorised her gold and green nappy trousers with a rather fetching vintage purple blouse and a string of Lisa Simpson pearls and as such actually looked quite nice. However she did lose points for a casual walking style which failed to show off her flamboyant pantaloons in quite the same way that any variation on the running man dance could have done.

Now, why not celebrate the ongoing curiosity of modern existence that is fashion recycling by treating yourself to a few minutes of Tricky’s Brand New You’re Retro from 1995, featuring one of the best Jacko samples ever…

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