Saturday, 1 August 2009

Madmen Me

It’s the first of August which rather excitingly means it’s only two weeks until the new season of Madmen starts in the US. The AMCTV website has a 30 second trailer but far more fun is to be had elsewhere on the site thanks to our friend, Dyna Moe. You may recall from earlier this year that the glamorous Ms Moe produced unique illustrations for every episode of the first two seasons, as well as a range of paper dolls and outfits so fans could live out their weirdest dressing/undressing Christina Hendricks fantasies.

Rightfully instated as the official artist for Madmen she’s now gone one step further and developed this rather fantastic Madmen-Yourself Interactive Flash Player game. Now you too can be part of the sharp suited, neatly coiffed and pointy bosomed world of Sterling Cooper. One word of warning: this can take away hours of your life. After turning myself into a blue-suited Pete Campbell I decided to try being a glamorous suburban housewife a la Betty Draper and now I think I fancy myself…

Remember to check out Dyna’s own website at Nobody’s Sweetheart where you can see her non-Madmen work, read her blog and buy stuff. Do. It’s great.

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