Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Under Pressure

Nervous tension is an unseen enemy of the human mind.
Nervous tension can cause you to lack confidence in yourself,
To lose your powers of concentration and to be inefficient in your work.
Nervous tension can prevent you from relaxing, can spoil your leisure hours,
And rob you of the sleep you need at night.
The mind remains tense when it is restlessly turning over personal problems,
Worrying about financial matters, or the conflicts of daytime employment, or
Fretting over the troubles of the world.

Lemon Jelly - Nervous Tension (1998)

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
Dr Peter Venkman, a Ghostbuster

As Rudyard Kipling once noted, the ability to keep your head when all around you are losing theirs is not a bad one to have. Yet it seems that leaders at every level around the world have lost their respective plots.  With Venkman-esque predictions about the imminent collapse of western civilisation reported on a daily basis no wonder we’re all feeling a little frazzled and put upon in 2012. Consequently this week Centrelinked was here to offer the stressed a shoulder to sob on, and the pressured time to unwind. Remember, you’re not alone (because they’re always watching you...)  

Here’s what got played:       
- Paranoid – Black Sabbath
- First Day – the Futureheads
- The Sound of Fear - Eels
- Anxious – the Housemartins
- Panic – the Smiths
- Nervous Tension – Lemon Jelly
- Pressure on Julian – Blur
- Under Pressure – David Bowie and Queen
- Panic Plants – the Lovely Eggs
- Fitter Happier - Radiohead
- The Fear – Pulp
- The Fear – Lily Allen
- Don’t You Worry About a Thing – Stevie Wonder

And what we didn’t have time for because our bosses were working us too hard and we got scared and had to go home sick
- Nervous Breakdance – Custard
- Stressed Out – A Tribe Called Quest
- 19th Nervous Breakdown – The Rolling Stones

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