Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ape Shit

As the learned know only too well, the nature of Monkey was irrepressible. It's only fair then that this week Centrelinked paid tribute to the great sage, equal of heaven, King Monkey himself (and all his simian minions). What's that? Oh OK, I played songs about chimpanzees for an hour.  

For posterity's sake, these were the kings of the swingers and the jungle VIPs...

What Got Played
Theme from the Monkees - the Monkees
Monkey - George Michael
Dolphins were Monkeys - Ian Brown
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey - the Beatles
Monkey - Custard
Brass Monkey - the Beastie Boys
Monkey Gone to Heaven - Pixies
Everybody Knows the Monkey - Mighty Mighty
Monkey Man - The Specials
Strictly Rubbadub (Slow Country) - Gorillaz v Space Monkeyz
Ape Man - the Kinks 
Monkey on Your Back - Clinic
Planet of the Apes (The Musical) - Troy McClure and the Simpsons cast
Funky Gibbon - the Goodies

... and this week's threat/treat: Monkey Magic - Godiego, which you can relive in all it's glory here. Alternatively you can take my friend Yakflange's advice and go straight to the end credits of Monkey with the emotional anthem Gandhara. They say it was in India, apparently...  

plus stuff that lovely people suggested
Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
Shock the Monkey - Peter Gabriel
Me and My Monkey - Robbie Williams
Monkeys - Echo and the Bunnymen
Monkey Business - the Hollies
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters

Feel free to add to the list in the comments below. It's always lovely to hear from you. 

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