Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

So sometimes I have silly ideas and sometimes I have good ideas and sometimes my good ideas seem silly and other times my silly ideas seem good. Running with one of the latter I'd like to introduce you to my friend Ball.

Ball is a ball. A tennis ball to be precise. He's a bit like the Littlest Hobo or Dr David Banner from the 1970s version of the Incredible Hulk, roaming from town to town looking for adventure, friendship and maybe a place to call home. No one knows where he comes from and no one knows where he goes... but together maybe we can find out.

To help matters I've started a site dedicated to Ball. It's called i am Ball and it tells you all about Ball (including his mysterious powers of regeneration and disguise), what to do if you see him near you and how you can share your Ball stories with others. It would be lovely to create a world map of Ball's travels so if you're up for a bit of silly and have some time to spare please pay a visit to i am Ball.

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