Saturday, 1 December 2007


Super Furry Animals are mint. They have always been mint; they will always be mint. Planets aligned and I was lucky enough to get to see them on a random Tuesday night in October when they played Newcastle-upon-Tyne's Carling Academy. What I couldn't get my head around was the size of the crowd - smaller than at any gig I've ever seen them. The whole of the top floor was closed. The following week the Pigeon Detectives played and sold the place out. No offence, Detectives (I'm sure you're lovely people, nice to your mums etc and please, enjoy your star whilst it shines) but it makes no sense to me. SFA were delightful, fantastic and played a blinder. The small crowd were highly enthusistic and everyone sang along to every song - especially Show Your Hand which had only just come out. Love them and cherish them or they might go away. And no one wants that.

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